Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On my way to 15 butterfly pics in '15

It occurred to me recently that I have taken several butterfly pictures this summer.  Why not shoot for 15 different species?  I would have to take pictures of 5 more butterflies (if I count my rather blurry shot of the zebra swallowtail).  That's doable.
Here are some butterfly pics from yesterday.  The silver-spotted skippers and the common checkered-skipper make numbers 9 and 10.
I saw the silver-spotted skippers mating under a fig leaf. 

I found a common checkered-skipper as well as another buckeye on the bitterweed in my neighbor's drive.  Somehow, when I look at the bright cheery yellow of bitterweed I feel like a carefree country kid once more.  I especially love the colors of the buckeye with the flowers.

Five to go!

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  1. There is so much beauty in the butterfly, you can't ignore them. From Florida on my fire, not funny.