Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's cool, it's cool; I got the yard cleared

Don't you love to see people focus on the job and get 'er done?
In a way it reminds me of the way the people come in and clear the landscape of foreclosed houses.  The houses on each side of me have gone through foreclosure.  There are lots of issues to be sad about when that happens, and I guess the landscape is not too high up the list, but it still gives me a little heartburn to see cherished plants destroyed.  In one yard, my former neighbor had a Lady Banks rose that he bought at Tryon Palace.  I had tried in vain to root the cuttings when he pruned it.  He finally let it grow over the roof.  (My mail carrier said, "They're going to have to do something about that vine growing over the house.")  When my neighbor lost the house, the investors who scooped it up came in and KILLED Lady Banks.  It's cool, it's cool; they got the yard cleared.
On the other side of me is a property that has changed hands several times.  Amazingly, some plants that had been planted by the wife of the original owner had survived the transitions.  I had even requested to the last owner that if she decided to move the plants, please consider giving me the blue clematis.  After the house was abandoned and before foreclosure, I considered rescuing some of the plants, but so far I've only enticed another neighbor to rescue a division of the stokesia.  Well, the bank is now hiring someone to come in and mow.  The latest guy does it in 20 minutes on a super fast riding mower.  He leaves quite a bit around the trees and the edges--a lick and a promise, as they say.  At one point someone came in with a weed trimmer.  Down went the bearded iris that sported such a showy white and royal blue bloom in spring!  Down went the stokesias in the border!  And incredible as it may seem, down went the clematis THAT WAS IN BLOOM!  How a guy could whack that down without a care is beyond me.  Yes, weeds were also in the same bed.  It's cool, it's cool; he got the weeds.  I can still see the stubs, but no leaves have come back.  I wonder if there is any chance that it is viable and worth rescuing.

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  1. I cannot believe this. I was just discussing that picture with Sun Jack today and how it fit so many situations, and hear you use it in the same vein. GOOD ON YOU.
    Yes, it is a pity everyone will not take the time to understand, what willadd and what will detract.
    I would say rescue if you can, because the owner (at present) does not care.
    I just checked on a foreclosure 3 doors down from our place in Belmont. The owner, presently a Bank in Oklahoma. No one from that bank will ever see that little house...
    Hope you and yours are good. WE are in N Central Missouri. We drove by our old house (a converted chicken house, Parsonage) The house is gone and the church is now an apartment. The church disbanded. I did see three members today, still lovely people.