Friday, August 7, 2015

A deer

Yesterday morning I stepped over to the front door to look around at the front yard through the storm door while ds was getting ready for work.  I know the yard well, and anything unusual will catch my eye.  I saw something that had not been there before.  This time of year the crepe myrtle bark is exfoliating, and, at times, it hangs in strips from the trunk.  There was a configuration of bark dangling that at a quick glance was reminiscent of a deer shape.  (Yes, I do have a good imagination.)
Then the freakiest thing happened.  I stepped out onto the front porch to breathe the morning air.  As I scanned the neighborhood, I saw a REAL deer in the yard between the two houses just up from mine.  In the 21 years we've lived here, I've seen one other live deer in the neighborhood.  (Typically, though, we've had more dogs in the neighborhood than we have now.)  Now, if I had seen the real deer first, you might say that would account for me imagining the hanging bark looked deer like.  But, since I saw the "imagined" deer first, what do you make of that?



  1. Whoa, that is a weird feeling I bet We are on the road, Mark at the wheel.
    We are headed to the Bad lands. after a little scare of lost oil pressure. It was only a leak in the line BAD leak

  2. ps: but I always get a kick out of seeing the large animals. But they are getting a population that causes a lot of damage to cars. That said to a lady who knows this up close ad personal. :-)