Saturday, August 29, 2015

Breaking the monotony

I do enjoy cultivating plants, observing nature, and doing yard work.  In a way I kind of like hanging the clothes on the line.  (It sure beats taking them to the laundry room like I did when we lived in an apartment.)  But all this stuff does tend to get monotonous at times.  That's why I thoroughly enjoyed the outing with my friend Lea last week.  I posted pictures from the art gallery we visited, and here are pictures of the geocache log and the Waffle House.  I'm definitely feeling the need for a change of pace.


  1. Now we do Waffle House for a change of pace. ;-) .
    We haven't done the geocache run yet. It does sound like fun. Maybe one of these days.
    YEP< we all need that change of pace at times. I will be ready after this refrigerator escapade. I am very tired, just working with it.

    Love from Belmont.

  2. Ah, the old Waffle House change of you have me thinking that I need a change of pace:)