Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Clematis rescue

I mentioned a few posts back about the clematis next door that had been mowed down with the weed trimmer.  I dug a little of it up, put it in a pot of organic potting mix, and watered it well.  Boy, it sure looked dead!  A few days later, I noticed a tiny bit of green in the center.  Nothing like a new green leaf to get your hopes up.



  1. It is ALIVE, that is what counts. I smiled when I saw some Ivy I put out starting to raise it's head. My bro in las said "Jack if you cannot grow Ivy there is no hope for you. ;-)"

    1. Well, I did kill a miniature ivy that I had put in a pot. It was rescued from the same place as the clematis, only many years ago.
      On the other hand, I probably shouldn't admit it, but I let some ivy get out of control at the edge of the back yard. Yes, it's a very vigorous grower.