Monday, October 16, 2017

Finally fall

We had a welcomed cold front to move through today.  Finally the air feels like fall.  Here are some touches of fall in pictures.

Goldenrod, aster, coneflower, and azalea...

Some leaves I raked...

Some pine straw I raked and darling husband hauled from the neighbor's yard...

The Oriental persimmon tree...

It's time to adjust our plans to the next season.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Topiary update

I trimmed my topiary recently.  When I glance back at pictures from just a year ago, I can see how much it has filled out.
(October 2017)
(July 2016)
I think I want to put some Christmas lights in it this year.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bluebirds at the water dish

Even though we no longer have a dog, I have maintained the water dish for the benefit of the birds.  Lately I've noticed the bluebirds using the dish for water.  You can see from the picture that one of the birds still has juvenile markings, so it must be from one of the last broods of the season. 
These bluebirds will probably winter here.  I don't know when the migratory birds will leave.  I saw the summer tanager and the cuckoo within the last two weeks.  Maybe they were waiting till the hurricane passed through before they started out to Mexico and South America.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A night at Java House

Last night, darling husband and darling son cobbled together a substitute band for the one that was supposed to be at Java House in Bunn.  It turned out well.  They allowed me to sing a couple of songs too.
The proprietor shot a snippet of video--enough to give you a general flavor.  In the video are Roger Knox and Caleb Knox on guitar and mandolin, John White on guitar, Shelton Smith on dobro, and Tiger Faircloth on bass fiddle.  It was a nice community venue with a generous audience.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Daylily 'Final Touch' delights again

Here is a picture of my daylily 'Final Touch' that I took on September 29.  Each flower is sporting an extra petal.
When I bought the daylily a few years ago, I gave my mom one of the divisions in the pack.  When we talk on the phone, we give each other reports on the latest blooms.  I've had a few blooms this week, and I have 2 more buds yet to open.  It's a great plant.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A bluegrass weekend

This past Saturday, I had the chance to enjoy some of the bluegrass music in downtown Raleigh, part of the International Bluegrass Music Association festival.  It was an enjoyable afternoon.  Sunday, I enjoyed more bluegrass when Carolina Tradition, a band Caleb recently joined, played for a church barbecue in Wake Forest.  It was a very pleasant experience--good preaching, good food, good music, horseshoes, and a hay bale ride behind a Farmall tractor.
What a nice way to bring in the lovely month of October! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Garden update

Saturday, my neighbor and I bought some fall vegetable plants that were on clearance because the planting season is over.  I was a little leery of buying the plants, which were either pot bound or else too tender because they were still in the greenhouse and not hardened off.  I was also leery about planting them so late, but it's been unseasonably warm, so they may have a chance after all.  Of course, I enjoyed getting out and about and looking at the beauty of the nursery with mums and pumpkins and roses and hydrangeas.  My neighbor suggested if I had done a garden update when I planted my collards she would have known when to plant hers.  Perhaps I've been a little remiss in my updates, so let me rectify that.

The Oriental persimmons are ripening.  I'll have to fight the birds for them.
An opossum or the birds pretty much demolished the muscadines.

Here are the 5 collards I planted on August 22.  They don't look that big, but when compared to the one left in the pack that I didn't have room to plant, it's easy to see they have, in fact, grown some.
I'm still getting some peppers, though the plants are looking a bit wilted.
You can see the nice, thick walls of the green pepper I picked last week, part of which went into an omelet Sunday night.  I haven't been getting tomatoes since the fusarium wilt took over, but I did find a small one that is starting to ripen.  I found the potatoes when I planted the cauliflower plants I bought Saturday.  I had missed just a few when I dug them.
I planted the 6 Russian kale plants that I bought Saturday.  You can see 2 potato plants growing where I missed digging up a couple of tubers back in the summer.
I have a few turnips planted.
That's what's happening in the garden.