Saturday, August 8, 2015

For the birds

I bought a new bird feeder to replace the one that the hail damaged.  I don't usually put out birdseed this time of year, but I decided to break in the new feeder, so to speak.  It seemed to take several days for the birds to notice it, but today there were several finches (goldfinches and house finches) on it.  I keep a stainless steel water dish filled that I used when we had a dog.  I sometimes use it to water potted plants with.  That way, by the time I fill it to leave for the birds and the neighbor's dog, the water standing in the water pipes has cleared, and hopefully the water tastes nice and fresh for the critters.  The neighbor's dog drinks from it daily, and so do the birds.  I think the seed eating birds must be the thirstiest.
Here are a few shots of the goldfinches I saw this afternoon.


1 comment:

  1. Those are very good shots of the Finch. I like their ability to get to the water.. I like that feeder. We have one at our place in Belmont. It needs to be replaced because it is not a real bird feeder and the seeds get scattered every where...

    Love from Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    PS: I just make a mistake by smelling Wyoming BBQ as it cooked, then buying a sandwich. The smell was definitely better than the Q!!! ;-)