Sunday, August 30, 2015

My first mushroom?

In my Sunday afternoon stroll around the yard, I looked to see if anything was happening on the mushroom log that my friend and I inoculated last spring.  Ah! A little nubbin pushing its way up right where one of the plugs went in.  (If I get around to it, I'll pull up the poke weed that is flourishing around the log.)
Now, I hope I can't just properly identify the shiitake.  I also wonder how to know when to harvest.  And I wonder if the squirrels will get it before I do.


  1. Mel up in Wisconsin and her sisters know all those mushrooms. Me? Imma fraid of them except in the stores. I believe my mama knew the ones that weren't 'toad stools'. I do like mushrooms.

    I know Mel and here hubby 'inoculated' logs on the blog. Methinks they sell them also. That is an industrious bunch up in the North Wood.

    I am glad you are seeing some results,and wish you luck, hoping the squirrels don't harvest first. (I wonder who named that mushroom?) ;-)

    1. It's actually a Japanese name. "Shii" is the Japanese word for the tree which is used for the logs to grow the mushrooms (an evergreen beech tree), and "take" means mushroom.

    2. Got it.... Still..... LOL Love ya!!!