Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New vegetation brings joy and alarm

This time of year there are flowers galore, and every day brings the new swelling of bud tips.  The beauty of the flowers is such a pleasure.  On the other hand, I am alarmed to see how quickly the honeysuckle vines have leafed out.  They have a plan to take over the world and are losing no time getting started.  The battle continues.

The golden bells are nonpareil...

 The veronica 'Georgia Blue' is striking...

The redbud is elegant...
The honeysuckle is frightening...

Besides the war with honeysuckle and English ivy,
I have awaiting me some trimmings that need burning
 and an asparagus bed that needs weeding.
 Now who's feeling blue?


1 comment:

  1. Lovethe pictures, especially the birdie. Good catch. We have the little blue flowers in our yard. Stella and were pulling some, the other Grandma said they were Johnny Jump-ups?
    Funny you should mention the Honey suckles. They seem to be more in my trees and bushes this year. I was just cutting some out yesterdey evening.