Thursday, April 30, 2015

At the botanical gardens

Yesterday, I took a lunch and spent some time trying to relax at the local botanical garden.  While the work is being done on the house, I feel my "space" is being invaded.  Getting away helped only a little, but I did enjoy the gardens.  They are very, very lovely this time of year.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Even from the parking area, there are azaleas in grand show.
A pyramid magnolia flanks the entry path.
A prominent feature in the gardens' design is the lake.
I chose a weathered table at the end of the lake under the shade of some bamboo and watched the turtles vie for a sunny spot on the rock in the lake.

My table was visited by a couple of damselflies.

On the west side of the lake is a rocky hillside full of wild columbine and white Silene caroliniana.
A bridge across the south end of the lake leads by a buckeye tree that stands alone as a specimen plant.  It is currently in bloom and humming with bees.
At the edge of an open area beyond that, I found a sweetshrub.  Some people call this a Sweet Betsy Bush (calycanthus floridus).
Along the various trails, I found flame azalea,

fire pinks
green and gold,

and lady's slippers
A woodland wildflower trail leads to the bamboo garden below the dam.  There I saw a maidenhair fern
and trilliums.
There is a bench amongst hostas and ferns that sits by the stream just below where the water is piped in from the lake.  It's a great place for a little solitude.




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  1. I hate it when I lose a comment. I wish the Azalea lasted longer. Theyr are my favorite in the spring. the reflection shot is my favorite.
    Mama called that Sweetshrub a sweet bubby. They were plentyful in my youth, but I seldom see them now.

    Nice flora shots. I like the turtles also.
    Love from the Belmont area of NC