Monday, April 20, 2015

Windshield cracks distract

Yippee, I have a new windshield.  Darling husband arranged for a guy to come out and fix our two windshields. 
The first time I drove my car with the broken windshield (the day after the storm), I was worried that the windshield might fall into my lap when I reached 55 mph, or that it might shatter if I slammed the door too hard, or that a cop might stop me and give me grief for it being unsafe.  I did a little searching on the internet and decided I would be okay if I just left my window open a smidgen when I closed the door and if I didn't slam it too hard.  If I focused on the road, I could look beyond the cracks, the worst of which were on the passenger's side.  I did fairly well focusing until I realized that one crack looked a bit like a helicopter and another looked like a tree!
Here is the "helicopter" as seen looking through the windshield from the driver's seat.

The "helicopter"

As you look through the windshield from the driver's seat, the crack shaped like a tree is to the left of ("in front of") the "helicopter."  It is right next to the frame of the car. It was harder to photograph because the light reflects in different directions on different parts of the "tree," so all the cracks don't show up at once.  What is really amazing is that two curved cracks form the trunk right under the canopy!
The "tree"

The "tree trunk"
The "tree" from outside the car
Here are the "fireworks" behind the helicopter

It's nice to have imagination, I think.
But it's also very nice to have a new, clear windshield.
(The economics of this thing--DH had comprehensive, but they said it would take more than the car was worth to fix all the dings.  The paid him money instead.  The money more than covered the repair of my windshield as well as his.  We will just live with the dings.  Pretty much looks like a kid went crazy with a ball-peen hammer on the cars.)


  1. WOW, That damage is so hard to understand. I would have hated to have been out in that wind and hail. Yep, I like the helicopter and tree and fireworks. And yes, the imagination adds to sorta reduce the stress from the cracked windshields. That was something. I have seen the ball peen hammer affect.
    Glad you now have the new windshield.
    Sending love from a rainy Charlotte area.
    I noticed last night some bad storm headed your way and thought of you all. I said, not again Lord, surely! Then I gave a serious prayer...

    1. Thanks for the prayers. I think there were tornado watches to the south and west of us. We just had rain.

  2. Had to love how you saw images in the cracks, had a similar experience myself recently, my husband and I weren't clued up on how to fix the windscreen and had to wait two weeks to get it repaired.

    I wasn't quite seeing helicopters and tree trunks though! Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

    Lillian Jenkins @ Enterprise Glass