Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Does your car reflect your personality?

I generally look at a car as a means to get from point A to point B.  It's a good thing I see it that way considering I drive an old Chevy that has hit three deer and been through a hail storm.  I see some people though who have their identity all tied up in their vehicle.  There was the guy at the nature park with the big pickup.  It was immaculate.  He was sitting with his feet hanging out the door getting every last vestige of grime off his shoes lest he soil the floorboard mat.
So even though I'm practical about this thing and am laid back about a dent here or a ding there or some sand in my floorboard, I do occasionally take flights of fancy and say, "There goes my alter ego."  Maybe it's a sporty Camaro or Jaguar or even a Goldwing bike.  Maybe it's something as simple as a new model sedan without chipping paint or dings or dents.  Sometimes it might even be a big rig like the one that came into the neighborhood yesterday to deliver shingles to the house down the street.  It's rare that we have a big rig in this residential area.  I was so taken with the way it looked that I had to photograph it. 
Now just look at this paint job and say, "Oh, Bonnie, that's you, that's you."

(My neighbor asked me what company it was.  I didn't know, but my camera has better zoom than my eyes.  In the picture, I could see the WCS which stands for Western Cedar Supply.)
When you see me shifting through the gears on the freeway in my big rig, this is the song that will be going through my mind.


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  1. I like the blues, wish I could hear it. I like this entry, and I do like that rig. Lot of truckers in my family. Sherry and I even thought about it at one time.

    This was a fun read, I will think of you when I see that sleek Jag drive past me.
    Love from Belmont with company.