Thursday, April 9, 2015

Damage pics

I can't believe how much ice is still around this morning from the hail storm last night.

The air still has a piney, rosin and tree sap smell.  The pine trees look half naked, and their branches are all over the ground.
You can see the dogwood blossoms amongst the litter of the buckets.  What a mess!  I had some used lawn mower oil in the bucket.  Now, I've polluted the ground.

"It planted a tree in our yard," said ds.  There was a maple branch that had broken off and was sticking into the ground.  Around it are pear tree leaves from the neighbor's tree.

Pear leaves from the neighbor's ornamental pear that had already leafed out.  Fortunately, a lot of trees hadn't completely leafed out yet.

The dappled pattern on the sidewalk shows where the hail pressure washed it.
Lots of damage to vegetation, buildings, and cars.

Good thing I took a picture of my Sir Winston Churchill daffodils a few days ago.  Now they look like this.
A big mess and big headaches for lots of folks in our area.


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  1. I hope the home owners takes care of the siding.. Am I looking at Vinyl siding? WOW, Also, if the homeowners is good, from the results on the siding Have the Ins. guy check the roof, that should have taken 15-18yrs off the roof life. In all my hail and storm damage repairs I have never seen that much damage.
    That was tough.