Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hail storm

We had the worst hail storm tonight I've ever experienced.  I pity any creature that didn't have shelter.  It was bad, and it lasted longer than the ones I've experienced before.  It looked like the balls of ice were being hurled from the northwest.  I was surprised at how much was on the covered porch.  The open deck was worse.  The hail was obliterating the plastic rain buckets.  Leaves were being torn off the magnolia.  The air smelled like pine rosin.

The porch--

The deck--

Golf ball size--
It was horrible sounding as it pelted the roof.  I opened the door a smidgen to grab a few pieces off the deck when the storm was just starting.  I got hit in the nose.  I think it was a ricochet and not a direct hit.  My husband said that was what I get for sticking my nose where it didn't belong.  My son added, "Yep, you'll catch 'hail' for it."
I glanced at some of pictures sent in to the local TV station.  One picture was of even larger sized hail, and one was of an odd-shaped piece that had lots of projections on it.  I'm sure there was lots of damage.


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  1. Wow, I have never been in a hail storm like that, thank goodness. I did see the results in 1955 when a load of new cars pulled into a service station and had glass cracked and some dents.
    That Caleb is a wise-cracker. He is witty, huh? Too bad about the windshields and that deck is a mess. I know pictures do not do it justice, but I wouldn't want what I see, that is for sure.
    Glad you all were inside.