Friday, April 3, 2015

Marcel Ledbetter school of engineering

I enlisted some taller help to get a few sycamore limbs that I couldn't reach.  Of course the taller help had some accoutrements for the job, one of which was a length of paracord.  If you've ever heard Jerry Clower tell of how Marcel Ledbetter tried to lower a piano from a second story window with a block and tackle, or if you've ever seen The Red Green Show "Handyman Corner," you probably get the idea.  My job was to stand on the ground and pull the limb away with the paracord so that it wouldn't knock the taller help off the ladder.  Of course, one time, the taller help decided to tie the paracord to the saw, so we could work it like a two-man saw.  I wondered if I was far enough to be clear of the limb.  I had the option of running backward.  Fortunately the taller help reminded me if I needed to run in that instance, I should DROP the paracord.  I retorted he COULD drop the saw if I did not remember to drop the paracord.  (It's very important to remember if your cord is tied to a saw that the precariously balanced help is holding or if your cord is tied to a limb that you want to pull away from the precariously balanced help.) 
We managed to get it done without injuring ourselves. 
Here is the taller help stringing up the paracord.
Incidentally, the taller help suggested I not sing "The Eerie Canal" so fast when trying to make a rhythm for a two-man saw.

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  1. I loved Jerry Clower and yes on the piano. fortunate that one of you two didn't at least get hit with the limb. (smile). Good job even with the Ledbetter help, Glad it did come alut okay. Y'all need to cut out the dangerous 'stuff'