Saturday, April 11, 2015

Frog Fest

This afternoon I hopped on down to Apex to the Crowder District Park Frog Fest.  I did see a few frogs there.

Saw some snakes.

I actually learned something, too.  The strange bug-like critters I found in the bottom of my rain buckets were dragonfly nymphs.  I had wondered how in the world they got in there.  Now I know.
I saw the Sylvan Heights Bird Park display booth with the "four-days-old, do-not-touch" Sebastopol goslings.  I'm looking forward to visiting this bird park with my friend Lea sometime soon.
I walked the trail around the lake and enjoyed the view of the trees, the turtles, and a duck.


Saw a band and heard some mean mandolin picking.

Quite popular with the kids was the mascot, Wally Pog.



  1. Interesting, The Kid is a cut-up! Probably gets it from his mama! I like the pictures. Most of allthe duckling, I love 'em.
    Did that mallard have a fish?
    Take care. We have had company all day, now Stella is 'camping out' with us. 'Sort of modern camping I guess', LOL

    1. The duck was just preening and bathing. I think you just see the light colored wing lifted as the duck preens itself.