Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Visual perception

Visual perception is a fascinating subject.  Just within the last few weeks, I came across a news article that heralded Enchroma's development of glasses which may help correct some forms of color blindness.
I hope this is only the beginning of developments which will help that.  I once knew a lady who drove around in a car that was a remarkable teal color.  She said her husband came home and told he had bought a car in a lovely brown.  I think something like 8% of men are colorblind (much rarer in women), so this is an issue that affects a lot of the population.
Colorblindness is a physical condition in the eye itself, but our visual perception can be affected by other things as well.  I was just scanning through some pictures I had taken recently.  I had taken a few of Caleb when he was outside with his pellet pistol.  I had showed the pictures to him on the camera view finder.  However, when I just now looked at them on my computer file, I got a chuckle because I saw them a little differently.

We're seeing rare birds here.  How are things looking in your world?



  1. Like the pictures. I once put the wrong color carpet in Sherry's new house, I see colors ok, but cannot remember them. She forgave me, and learned to live with it. I cannot imagine buying the wrong color car though. It is amazing the technology coming out to assist us handicapped folk.
    Take care. This spring weather in the CArolinas is nice...

    Love from Belmont.

  2. I am trying to coax the hummers to come.

    1. I'm sure they'll be there as the season progresses. Of course, you know I was being tongue-in-cheek when I said "rare bird." After looking at a picture of a bird perched on the limb, it almost looked as if Caleb was perched on the same limb.
      He looked at the hawk and then at himself and said, "Two hunters."