Sunday, April 26, 2015


Yay, we have a new roof!  High time, huh, since the original roof was about 23 years old. 
I have to say I admire the strength, flexibility, and sheer endurance of the guys who do roofing work.  I admire athletes who are good at their game, but, to me, it's still just a game.  A roofer, on the other hand, is actually doing something worthwhile and constructive.  Up and down the ladder, hauling shingles, scraping off shingles, bending over to tack nails.  It's really a lot a hard work.
When I looked out the door Friday, I could see the shadow of the roofer who was on the very peak of the house.  He was sitting there scraping off shingles.  Then he would get up and haul a handful over to throw into the trailer.  He certainly had my admiration.


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  1. One of my favorite jobs, Roofing. But new roofs, I never liked the tear-off's. If gilrs were watching Son Mark liked to carry two bundles up the ladder. LOL I kept telling him his weight and the shingles were over the load limit of the ladder.

    It is a hard job, labor intense, but it is a job where you can plan and think as you nail the roofing. In a way it is relaxing hard work.

    Funny, I just roofed a small lean-to with rolled roofing and I could not lift the rolls to get them on my shoulder, so I had to cut them on the ground. Getting old cuts down on the fun. LOL
    Glad they are getting the roof done...