Friday, March 20, 2015

Pruning happy

I've been pruning several things this week...

...the nandina
...a few magnolia limbs that hung over the path

...the sycamore

...the osmanthus fragrans
...a few apple limbs

...even the privet that was growing on the other side of the fence!  There was a privet that had grown under the fence.  Most of it grew on the other side since that was toward the sun.  I had leaned over the fence as far as my short self could reach and lopped off a branch or two.  I suggested to Caleb that he might be able to reach farther and get more of it.  He suggested the new pruning saw might be able to go through the fence to cut it all off.  Splendid idea!  And one I could do myself.  (According to our survey, the fence is actually a couple of feet on our property, so the privet was technically on my property if the survey is correct.  I could have asked my neighbor for access, but this was less bothersome.)
It was on my property, but I decided to burn the evidence, nonetheless.

Just give a gardener a new saw...

1 comment:

  1. WOW you did go bonkers sawing. But I bet it will look great with the leaves and buds.
    YOu are gonna have soar arm! Or you are in great shape!

    Love from down here for another week and a couple days...