Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Golden bells and Bradford pears

My golden bells are in bloom now.  Golden bells are a wonderful, carefree favorite.  I got mine as cuttings from a friend.  The yard was so bare here when we moved in.  Getting that row of golden bells along the bank was something I did within the first few years.
Though I don't have any ornamental pears in my yard, I enjoy the borrowed view of the Bradford pears in the neighborhood.  I especially like the contrast between the white blossoms on my neighbor's pear and the very dark green of my cedar and tea olives. 
The next several weeks will bring a succession of blooming ornamentals.  I remember the March when Caleb was about 8 years old.  We had a long drive to church, and we passed the time by making rhyming riddles.  The riddles were inspired by the plants that were blooming or beginning to leaf out.  I remember being quite impressed by one that Caleb made up about a weeping willow, though I don't remember now exactly how it went.
Here's an example of what one of the riddles might have sounded like:
The shape of our yellow blossoms
Our name tells.
You won't hear us ringing
But we're ______ ____
I hope you are taking time to look at the spring flowers.

1 comment:

  1. Wow what a hedge of Golden bells, I don't remember seeing that many in a row.
    I always love the Bradford pears., then later the ground is white!
    Love from Florida, Glad Spring has Sprung, we will be headed to NC in a couple weeks.