Thursday, March 12, 2015

Napping dove, drinking nuthatch, bathing chickadee

A few days ago this dove perched in the tree outside my window for what seemed like several hours.  It finally flew when I walked into the back yard.  The last picture I took of it was time stamped at 1 hour and 21 minutes after the first picture.  I guess it was taking a nap.


I saw the nuthatch again drinking from the thermometer.  In one shot, you can see the white spot on its otherwise brown head, which is an identifying field mark.  I like the way you can see the water drop on the bird's beak before it tilts its head back to swallow.

Once the weather warmed, the birds began bathing.  I saw some in a puddle one day, and I caught the chickadee splashing about in the overturned thermometer.

Ah, that's the life!


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  1. They are pretty. Birds are fun to watch. The colorful ones get a lot of attention, from everyone, But the quiet colors seem to shine at times.