Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Three cars and a headache

The last couple of months have been a transportation headache.
Car #1: obliterated, strands dh
Replacement Car #1: first day--leaky radiator, strands dh; a week later two bad axles, bad brake pads, bad hoses; another week later an issue that is solved by getting two new tires
Car #2: bad water pump (windshield is cracked while at the shop or while ds or dh is driving it)
Car #3: bad battery

Replacement Car #1: loses power and strands dh
Car #2: issues starting, will go to the shop when Replacement Car #1 gets out of the shop

I've been on "fetch" duty for these strandings, all while watching the mileage on car #2 go higher and higher.  I wanted to make a point to look a the odometer when it read 345678.9  However, I think that occurred when I was on my way to pick up dh from the hospital after his wreck.  It's understandable that my mind was too occupied to notice the odometer.
Yesterday, when I went to fetch dh yet again, my odometer turned a little numerical "palindrome": 351153.  Again, I was otherwise occupied with paying attention to an unfamiliar destination and traffic and a setting sun.  I will have to say the sunset was beyond glorious last night.  I was headed in a westward direction through some lovely, bucolic countryside.  The panoramic views and vivid colors of the sunset were so intense, I felt my state of being altered.
I've been without transportation quite a bit of the time over the last several weeks.  Of course, there is more than plenty of work here to keep me occupied.  We're keeping the mechanics occupied, too!


  1. I know it is nice to contribute to the economy but at times like that you feel you are doing more than your share.
    But thru it all, it is nice to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
    Hope the Transport situation is settled soon. it definitely is a formula for a BIG headache.

  2. That's why I always keep a host of emergencies numbers stored on my phone. Car mishaps can happen anytime and anywhere. Even a "reputable" rental service is capable of delivering a total lemon. Things go wrong at the all-time worst possible moments. Having those emergency numbers ends up being a huge help.

    Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto