Monday, March 23, 2015

Find a five-petaled bluet

All across the yards in the neighborhood, there are bluets by the score this time of year. 

The ones that bloom here are shorter and tend a little more toward purple than the Quaker Lady bluets that grew around my home when I was a youngster.  I like the Quaker Ladies best.  Bluets often have 4 petals, but my sister informed me that some have 5.  We thrilled to finding a five-petaled bluet like finding a four-leaf clover.  I noticed a bluet with 5 petals right by my sidewalk yesterday. 
Lucky me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh but it is fun looking for the special one. Yes like the 4 leaf clover, it is a rewarding search. Amazing the hours I have spent searching for the 4 leaf clover. Now, if I see the Bluets, I will look for 5 pedals.

    Love from Florida.
    The color is great.