Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pottery festival (the pottery)

There was lots of wonderful art at the pottery festival yesterday.  It was hosted by Under the Oaks, but there were many area potters participating.  There were rows of display tents, and Caleb and I enjoyed browsing and taking pictures.  Caleb still remembers his chemistry (thanks to Dr. Frank Louws), and he asked some interesting questions.
Here, potter Jasper Moore talks about copper brown glaze, oxidation, reduction, carbon monoxide, etc.  Caleb was taking it all in.

                 Fiberglass balls hold the wicks in oil lamps.
There were vases in various shapes and sizes.
Here are three lovely rustic vases ranging from large to tiny. The large vase sports a textured finish.  (I believe the clay had been pressed onto canvas to obtain the texture.)

There were vases of striking elegance


and vases that were captivatingly colorful.
(Caleb's photo)
Each piece was a unique work of art, whether innovative or traditional.

(Caleb's photo)

There were plates with flowers...


... and plates that were flowers.
There was a goodly assortment of critters--
from perching birds,


to sea turtles,
                                                                                   to more birds,
(Caleb's photo)
to a raptor who looked quite at home displayed in front of a tree.
For the fairies and elves, there were toadstools and doors.

A few pieces I was quite taken with include a singer and a couple of boxes.  The more I look at them, the more I like them.

(Caleb's photo, my garden-stained thumbnail)

Lots and lots of art; stay tuned for the band.


  1. Imma listening! (but not well). Love the colors. You have to do something once to appreciate the skill involved in a craft. I did a bowl and pitcher and a couple cups. I learned it 'ain't as simple' as it looks in a video. A couple of the items that look double layered musta been tough.
    The displays are good. I do not know how to describe the paint involved but I really liked the paint designs you labeled 'Striking elegance' neat.

  2. I seriously need a fairy door..... Lea

    1. I thought you would like that. Which of the designs do you like better? Since dark colors appear to recede, I think the one that has darker trim around the edge seems to appear to blend in with the stump better. Of course, the plant material in front may help, too.