Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pottery festival (the plants)

After a few days of lawn mowing and garden work without my favorite helper to relieve me, I was ready for a break.  The pottery festival at Under the Oaks was just what I needed.  Though the plant nursery is no longer in operation, evidence abounded that it once had been.

There was a water garden and water garden plants.

 There were coleuses in burgundy and chartreuse.
There were pentas and heliotrope, vinca and ivy.
 There were caladiums, hosta, and begonias.


There was rose moss

and bougainvillea!
There was a tin daisy

and an alcove so cozy
and inviting
that I could picture my self(ie) in the rocker.
And that's just the plants.  Stay tuned for the pottery and the band.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful flowers. Some I know I have never seen before. Very good photography. Yes the rocking chairs do look inviting. I see the flowers put that smile on your face, I don't doubt the rockers helped after yard work without what's his name.
    Hugs to everyone and have a great Sunday.