Thursday, September 11, 2014

Perils of a solar clothes dryer

Poke berries are ripening, and if a mockingbird eats a poke berry and then poops on the clothes, a person will be hard pressed to get the stain out.  But there are worse perils than that...
Last night, darling son called urgently for some alcohol.  He was in the bathroom, so I assumed this was a private matter, but, of course, as a mom, I needed to know the ailment.  There was an extreme burning sensation, he said.  I wondered if alcohol would be the remedy.  I was trying to figure out what kind of skin irritation we were dealing with.  Then he had touched the area with his hand and had a burning "in a very specific spot" on his finger.  Hmmmm.  That ruled out some things.  Not everything will transfer just like that.  Could it be an insect?  I fetched some baking soda.  Then there were some "aaarggghhs!!" and "ooohhhs!" and an urgent call for the fly swatter.  Smack, smack, whack, whack.  "What kind of insect was it?"
"It was a bumblebee.  It was in my underwear!"
"Was it a fresh pair?"  I had just put away some dark shirts, underwear, and socks that I had laundered that day.
"Yes, so it's all your fault."
It might not have been the kindest thing, but I had to laugh.  I think we both did.
Well, I have, on more than one occasion, brought in a pair of pants or a sock that had a "hum" in it, but I think this was the first time a bumblebee was actually worn.
If you dry your clothes on the line, make sure you talk to your kids about the birds and the bees. ;-)



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  1. I'm not laughing (TOOOO much) OUCH for Caleb. I cannot imagine that. Imma thinking the cowboys ysed to shake out their boots every morning, Maybe, just maybe Caleb will start, I would.

    Tell Caleb, I did laugh a little but I do feel sorry for him.....
    Love from Belmont, NC were we are safe under a shelter so I can fix a major leak that developed during the monsoon, and do some trouble shooting.
    Take care and SHAKE EM CLOTHES! (still smiling)