Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hardy cyclamen

My first experience with a cyclamen was an indoor potted plant that was given to me.  I was enchanted by the pink blooms.  I tried to keep it alive in our dark apartment, but I failed.  Years later when I had the opportunity to plant some hardy cyclamen outdoors, I was eager to try again.  I mail ordered some tubers, and, being a good neighbor, I shared some with the lady across the street.  As has happened on more than one occasion, her thumb proved greener than mine.  After one or two seasons, my tubers were either eaten by critters or rotted.  Meanwhile, hers thrived.  However, hope springs eternal.  A seed must have dropped from one of the blooms I had because after a few years of nothing at all growing there, a tiny leaf appeared.  I was thrilled.
Once again, I have a cyclamen, and I do love a touch of pink in the autumn landscape!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet, volunteers are all that I can grow. Then when I try to help them they die. Not sure if it is me, or me? that kills them.

    That one is pretty!