Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A walk with my guys

I always find a large chasm between my ideal and my reality.  In my ideal world, my family would be a lot more physically active (and I would have more energy), we would manage our time and finances well, and we would eat healthy food.  (I saw a card that said, "They recommend eating WHOLE foods, so I ate the WHOLE cheesecake.")  Of course, in the ideal world a husband is attentive and spends time with his wife. 
Anyway, after expressing my wishes, darling husband and darling son capitulated and went for a walk with me Saturday evening at the local nature preserve.  Darling husband had to coax darling son since darling son had been standing and playing music for a few hours that afternoon, but once darling son got to the nature preserve, he was quite the interested companion, and he snapped several photos with his phone.  Here are some of ds's photos.

A pickerel frog by the base of a tree.

Double-banded scoliid on white snakeroot flower.

Virginia meadow beauty (rhexia virginica) by the edge of the lake.

Jewelweed by the woodland stream.

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  1. I enjoyed the walk and photos. Oh and I know that frog, but not by that name, I just called him Frog. I met him in Vermont. I was talking to him and he seemed to enjoy the one sided conversation, as I was snapping his picture. Then I was startled by a young lady hiker who has walked up and enjoying a laugh at an old man talking to a frog.. All I could think of to say was,, "She says she is a beautiful princess!"

    I always enjoy a walk in the woods, it would also be good it I cared enough to learn the name of the flora.

    Love sent from the central Piedmont