Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mystery plant solved (poisonous)

I had a mystery plant on my property this year.  I didn't recall having seen it before.  Right away, it looked to me like something in the nightshade family because it reminded me a bit of pepper plants or horse nettle plants, just considerably smaller.  There were tiny white blooms that were followed by tiny round green fruits.  Just now, when I went out to get a picture, I noticed the fruits had ripened to black. (The fruits are about 1/4" in diameter.)  Here's the part where I love the internet.  I did a search for "nettle-like plant with small black berries," and the first page I saw had an image of black nightshade.  There you go!  It's poisonous (even though folks eat certain strains of it).  I won't be taking any chances on this one.
Are you familiar with black nightshade?

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  1. When in the woods and see something that looks like it would be a great snack, I always back off, I seldom know the berry or fruit so i just go on by, but I do recognize the muscadine. (The system never likes my spelling of that, but it does not suggest a good spelling.)

    At least you are smart enough to have an 'idea' where to start. I would have had to start searching with: 'green plant with black things', LOL