Friday, October 31, 2014

My first EarthCache

It's pretty cool at my age to say "my first..."
Earlier this month, while we were in the mountains, I had the opportunity to log my first EarthCache.   An EarthCache is a specific type of geocache.  The idea is to go to a specific location and observe a particular geographic feature.  For us, it was a totally serendipitous event.  We went to visit Jump Off Rock outside of Hendersonville, and we had almost decided against going since it was drizzly and foggy.  We had been there before, and there is a wonderful view on a clear day.  Despite the fog and intermittent sprinkles we went and walked one of the short trails near the rock.  We chanced upon a lady who was looking for a geocache.  She enlisted our help since she was running out of time.  Luckily for us, she told us about the EarthCache, and, since she had a background in geology, she told us a little about the type of rock.  The day we were there just happened to be International EarthCache Day, so anyone logging an EarthCache that day would earn a virtual "souvenir" icon for his or her geocaching profile.
Logging an EarthCache was all new to us, so many thanks are due Caleb who helped me slog through the process on his smart phone once we got back to the motel.
Here I am "high on" a mountain.  Thanks also to Caleb for taking my picture.  (Posting a picture of oneself at the site was a requirement of that EarthCache.)  I like the artistic fence with the interpretation of the mountaintops along the upper portion of the fence.

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  1. Well that is a new wrinkle in my horn (as my mama would say), never heard of earthcache. even the word doesn't fit my tongue well (smile) I do love the NC mountains, and think someday i would like to live there awhile, way back in some gorge...
    Lovef from the land of Minnie..