Monday, October 27, 2014

Cotton Ginning Days (the band)

We had the privilege of attending the Cotton Ginning Days festival at the Gaston County Fairgrounds in Dallas, NC earlier this month.  Caleb was playing with Victoria Lee and New Ground.  They did a good job with a set near the picnic area and another set on the main stage.


 There was a guy from the local sheriff department emceeing.  I liked his style.
Unfortunately (especially for the person responsible for all the sound equipment), a thundershower drove the band offstage and under a little tent next to the stage.  The spectators grabbed a bale of hay to sit on under the tent and the show went on.  The cozy informal setting and the acoustic sound made for a great intimate concert.  I did a little people watching under the tent, and that probably entertained me as much as the band.
Stay tuned for another post on Cotton Ginning Days. 

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  1. Ah, our old stomping grounds, but we are in Florida. Caleb is looking good. Glad you guys had a good time in Gaston County. The mandolin must be his favorite instrument. I always enjoyed the sound of that instrument, I mostly heard it in the mountains when listening to blue grass.
    Looking forward to more pictures and another post...