Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cotton Ginning Days (miscellaneous sights)

In this final post on Cotton Ginning Days, I'll post a few pictures of the various sights we saw (besides the band and the cotton gin).
There were tractors of various shapes, colors, and sizes.  (Tractor pictures are Caleb's.)


There were engines. (pictures are Caleb's)
There were classic vehicles, model size...
 ...and full size.  (pictures Caleb's)
There was the one-wheel conveyance (look above the aqua colored tent),


and the three-wheel conveyance.
Part of the time during the second concert, I slipped off to the Heritage Village.  There was a school building, chapel, forge, barn, smoke house, house, garden, and mini cotton patch.  Some of the buildings were donated and moved from other locations.  The chapel was the brainchild of some lovely Presbyterian ladies who salvaged the stained glass windows from another location.  I was quite taken with the village and would love to have been able to explore it more thoroughly.

All in all, the day was one well spent...
...and since we were already that far west, it made sense to head on to the mountains (more to come on that).


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  1. Thanks for adding these. One day I will have to stick around and to to the festival.. GREAT shots, "I ain't never seen no pink Farmall before!" (smile) but it is a beauty. some good tractors and I especially like the blacksmith shop.
    I love the old engines, the name escapes me, but 'pop & go' come to mind. I know that is not the name...(OH!) I think it is Hit and miss engine.