Friday, October 17, 2014

Wayside visit to Maness Pottery and Music Barn

(I'm sitting in the Common Grounds Coffee House waiting for a show by Victoria Lee and New Ground. I'm still bumming Caleb's laptop.)

Last week, Caleb and I chanced to be driving along Highway 24/27 when he got the news that his band practice that night was canceled.  On a lark, we decided that we would stop and check out the Maness Music Barn that we were passing just at that moment.
As usual, I was apprehensive about barging in on an unfamiliar venue, but, despite my calling ourselves "wayfaring strangers," we were welcomed with open arms.  Caleb's mandolin picking opens doors for him.
Within a matter of a few minutes, he had ingratiated himself to the point he was being asked to join the musicians on stage.  I was thoroughly enjoying watching Caleb adapt to whatever song was played.  I tried to snap a few pictures using Caleb's cell phone.


By the time we left, we had been introduced to Clyde Maness, Caleb had been invited to join 3 or 4 bands, and I had hugged an old man who asked if I were Caleb's wife.  It was a great wayside stop.

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  1. Hey, that has to be a compliment to be mistaken for your son's wife. But then CALEB IS OLD! (smile) Love the pictures and like to hear of the adventures the boy drags his mama into. He looks good on stage..