Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A visit to the country

(I've been having computer problems, so I've been missing in action on my blog.  My darling son is loaning me a laptop long enough to put out a blog post today.  My posts will be sporadic as long as I have computer problems.)

Last week, Caleb and I were able to visit my parents.  We had a wonderful visit.  Caleb was able to explore with his cousin the little wet-weather creek that runs through the woods below my parents' garden.  One of the interesting things they saw when Caleb turned over a rock was a salamander.  When he showed me the picture, I noticed there were eggs next to the salamander.  With the grains of sand sticking to them, they were easily disguised as little round pebbles.
This is a marbled salamander, which just last year was named as one of North Carolina's two state amphibians.
I'm glad Caleb got a picture of the salamander.  I don't think I've seen one like that in the wild before.
While the adventurers were in the woods, I was able to get a picture of a monarch on one of Mom's zinnias.  
 There are lots of wonderful things to see on a visit to the country. 

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  1. I like the butterfly picture, beautiful color. Also I have been around a lot of creeks and springs in NC and never ran into that dude. Most were black or brownish is I remember right. If all those eggs hatch, lots of 'em dudes going to be around there.
    good read and hope the computer situation is solved soon....
    Love from the banks of the Peace.