Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'Final Touch' living up to its name

Today--the first day of October!--my 'Final Touch' daylily is sporting two pale blooms.  It is living up to its name by extending and putting a lovely final touch on the daylily season. 
There are two more buds, so hopefully I will get two more blooms before we have our first frost.  (There is no foliage left.  I think the rascally rabbit ate that.)


  1. Beautiful and neatly named. Hope the other blooms make it before FROST. Sending love from Melbourne, FL.

    1. There is no frost in the seven-day forecast, so the buds may well have time to bloom. It's hard to predict, though, because a bud that would have opened in three days in summer might take a few more days to develop in fall.