Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shaking the jujube tree

The late Millie Clark once gave me a couple of grow pots with small plants she called date trees.  Sometimes they are called Chinese dates and sometimes they are called jujube trees.  The first one I ever remember was one that grew in an old pasture at my great aunt's.  There was something that to me seemed a bit exotic about going out on a Sunday afternoon and picking up the fruits that looked like the dates that come from the palms of Turkey or Pakistan.
I didn't think I had a good place to plant the trees, so I passed them on to Mama.  In no time at all, she had found a place to plant them and had them in the ground.  They began bearing fruit in short order.  We were by Mama's a couple of times this month.  Both times we were there, Mama went out to shake the jujube tree to knock the fruit off.  The rain had caused the fruit to crack, and some were ruined but still clinging to the tree.  Some were good except for one end, so we filled ourselves eating the good ends.  To me they had a bit of an apple-like taste.  They were more dry than juicy, and did not have any tartness.  I enjoyed them.  It's a good fruit to have if you want a diverse assortment of edibles in the landscape.


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  1. I consider myself a fruit eater, but not exotic evidently. I eat dates, in sherry's dat nut bars. I eat figs in fig newtons, I would probably eat jujube newtons (smile) if there was such a thing. I eat most domestic fruit raw. I prefer raw apples to apple pie, etc. so If these were near me, I would probably try them. But I do prefer a little tartness in a fruit (except bananas, (smile))

    Interesting, the tree appears to be pretty tall. As compared to wild plums etc.