Sunday, October 5, 2014

White chips aren't white chocolate

I remembered some white baking chips were in the cupboard from last year's after-Christmas markdown.  They still tasted okay, so I made some cookies Friday evening.  I followed the recipe on the back of the bag...  EXCEPT.... Don't you love when someone says they followed the recipe, but on further questioning admit to about 5 or 6 different (sometimes significant) changes!
The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups flour.  I used 1 cup white flour, about 1/4 whole wheat and about 1/2 cup quick oats.  I think that probably improved things.  Also I substituted walnuts for the macadamia nuts since I had walnuts on hand.
They were yummy.
Later, I was curious as to how much cocoa butter was in the chips.  I read the ingredients.  None!  Now, I know I read the ingredients when I bought them.  I had forgotten they were white chips, not white chocolate chips.  It is easy to be thrown off.  The bag said "Ghirardelli Chocolate White Baking Chips."  The "Chocolate" is part of the company name, not the product name.  They are basically a grease and milk product.  Some are made with hydrogenated fat.  The Ghirardelli chips are made with palm kernel oil.  That makes them natural.  I think the verdict is probably still out on whether palm kernel is as bad for you as hydrogenated fats, but I like to think natural is good (even if it isn't).
I was glad I finally baked something.  It made me feel like a good cookie.

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  1. I think I like most any cookie that has oats in it. They sound good because I also like walnuts.
    I'm afraid the jury is still out on about 'everything'. i get tired of reading 'upon further research by the Harvard school of Medicine (or some other big name to drop), EGGS should be included in your diet, not avoided as previously thought.

    Oh well, they do have me looking at labels, but now I think I might be looking at the wrong things, however it is easy to be misdirected by a name.
    Love from Melbourne...