Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dig sweet potatoes in sandy land

In elementary school, we used to sing a lively little song called "Sandy Land."  One of the verses repeated the phrase "dig sweet potatoes in sandy land."  I liked the song then, and I like it now.  And I have to say, I know just a wee bit more about what it means.
October has been mild, so that gave the sweet potato vines that my brother-in-law gave me in the latter part of June time to mature.  I dug them recently.  They weren't terribly impressive if you compare them to some of the gargantuan ones that are grown in these parts, but I was very proud of them anyway.
I dug them on two separate days.  This was from the first day (two of the plants).

I reclaimed the Samuel Parkes border fork which I had once given to Mom.  It is just a bit too small (and the handle is a bit too short as well) for this task, but since I only had a few hills, it managed well enough.
The two vines made a nice addition to my compost pile which has also been endowed recently with 4 loads of sugar maple and sycamore leaves that I raked in the front yard.
The second digging yielded these potatoes.

A great side benefit of digging the potatoes is the bed is tilled and all ready for whatever crop I want to put there in the spring.  (You can see the turnips to the right of the fork.)
All together now, "I make my living in sandy land, make my living in sandy land, make my living in sandy land.  Ladies, fare you well." 

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  1. Never heard the song, but I sure ate a lot of mama's Sweet potato Cobbler.
    The sweets look good, a couple big'uns there.