Saturday, November 1, 2014

Preparing for first frost

We have had one cold morning when the moisture on the cars froze, but there was not a frost on the ground that day, I don't think.  That will be changing soon; the local forecast for Sunday night is thirty degrees.  I am turning on the heat pump.  I vacuumed around the intake and installed a new air filter.  There were two vent filters that I replaced.  They are a nuisance to get in place.  I will be bringing my potted plants inside this evening.  I really don't have space nor enough light for them.
Wednesday or Thursday I picked the three bell peppers that matured on the plants that were planted too late.
I cut a bouquet from what will probably be the last of this year's zinnias.
I'm not looking forward to the cold weather.  This is the time of the year I begin wishing I had a fireplace or wood heater.


  1. EVERYONE should take the hint and change the filters. Definitely add to the energy the house gets, and adds life to the system. The peppers look perfect. Seems lately the ones I pick up are sorta flat on the side or trying to curl.
    We are getting cool, so I figured you guys would be getting COLD!

    1. I'm lucky that my filter is in a super easy place to get to. It would be even simpler except some of the filters I've gotten weren't the full 20" the package said. That created a whistling sound that drove me bananas, so I stuffed tissue paper around the edge of the filter. (I actually lost one piece down the duct, so it's probably somewhere inside things getting all moldy or something.)
      I had a calendar from a hardware store which had a buy-one, get-one-free coupon on filters. Caleb picked them up for me one evening on his way out. It turned out they were rated at a higher filtration rate and were a better deal than the ones I had been buying.