Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This past winter was a little colder than normal for our area.  It was rather rough on the electric bill, the fig, gardenias, and rosemary.  I wondered if the fig had been completely killed, but it did leaf out later in the season.  Here you can see where Caleb cut out a lot of the dead branches, and there are still quite a few dead branches on the tree.
The gardenia was set back some and the rosemary died.  The rosemary had been declining some anyway, so I'm not completely sure it was the cold that killed it.  The rosemary had been in my garden for several years.  It originally came from some cuttings I had obtained (and obtained just might be a euphemism right there)  from a rosemary plant outside an Italian restaurant.  It was easy to root.  I think I will need to get a replacement for the rosemary.


  1. I can't get rosemary to grow to save my life! My MIL has a huge bush behind her do I do a cutting??? Maybe a post how to would be good... or message me :)

    1. I think the key was that I got some growth that was not too tender (but still the current year's growth). In other words, probably a little later in the summer. I basically just broke off a few sprigs. When I got them home, I trimmed the cut with pruners and put them in a well drained medium. I think I used a good amount of sand and maybe some potting mix (not anything that has fertilizer in it--which many potting mixes do). You could used sand and compost; or sand, peat moss, and perlite. Then keep it watered frequently. I kept it in a fairly shady spot till the roots got going.

    2. Thanks Bonnie ( bonney)

  2. Thanks for the education, I hope it sticks.

    Take care, sending love from the Piedmont...