Thursday, June 12, 2014

A political word or two

I don't anticipate blogging much about politics and foreign policy, but my post today is about that.  I've read the headlines yesterday and today and am dismayed to see what is going on with ISIS in Iraq.  I know men who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  It must be very disheartening to them to see what is happening. 
John McCain is calling for the resignation of the whole national security team.  After leaving a classified briefing by the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain told reporters the "security situation in Iraq 'is the greatest threat since the Cold War.'"
I once read about some group sending a message to extraterrestrial aliens.  In case there are any aliens out there, this group wanted to let the aliens know we are friendly.  I just wanted to say, "Really?!"  We've pretty much been killing each other since Cain and Abel.  Any foreign policy that doesn't take that into account is just naive.
I think a lot of people I rub elbows with think of the Middle East as "over there."  I mostly do, myself, but I did have enough curiosity to look on the map and see that Syria and Iraq are next door neighbors.  Weren't we already issuing an ultimatum (and rescinding it) with Syria?  Supposedly the jihadists are bulldozing the berms which separate Iraq and Syria.  I think the US has a big foreign policy headache right now.

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  1. We, the USA, learn little over the years. I have come to the conclusion WE ARE not going to set up Republics or Democracies in areas that have always known kings or dictators. I had thought Bush was going to take out Saddam and depart to let them settle on new leadership. I did not foresee so many boots on the ground.
    yes we are facing a major foreign policy problem.... Looking back, did we stay too long or pull out too early? Hind sight only helps in our Congress, and then only to blame someone.