Thursday, June 19, 2014

Something new, something blue

Yesterday, I passed by a fallow section of the garden and saw something new to me.  What a pleasant surprise; there was a pretty blue flower! 
I had planted a mesclun mix there last fall.  Anything that survived the winter had bolted.   I believe it is the endive that bolted.  Endive is in the same genus as chicory, the roots of which can be used as a coffee substitute. 
Since my son always recommends "a touch of blue" in the landscape, I suggested he go take a picture.  On his way out, he took a picture.  As he walked by the window, he shouted that it was PURPLE not blue!  Later, (sometime in the afternoon), I went by to take a picture, but the flowers had shriveled in the heat of the day.  I went out this morning to shoot pics while the flowers were still fresh.  I think the newer flowers are more bluish and the older flowers take on a more lavender color.

This is the first time that I know of that I've had any chicory of any kind blooming on my property.  It is so pretty!

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