Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pass along plants

Over 15 years ago when I did a local paper route, I had a customer who was in her nineties.  She was still working a little bean patch in her backyard even though she said of herself, "I can't HARDLY get about!"  She had some pinks that I wanted a division of, and I wasn't too proud to ask.
It still blooms in my flower bed.

Another plant I have which has a bit longer history is an oxalis.  When my mother was a young woman still living with her parents, she worked at a textile mill.  She did not have her own transportation, so she always rode with someone else.  One year work was sporadic, and when the mill workers didn't have employment, they could go and sign up for some type of unemployment compensation.  Mom rode into town with her usual ride and went to sign up for unemployment compensation.  After signing up, since she had no way to go home until the person giving her a ride got off work, she was invited to stay at a coworker's house.  All along the side of the coworker's house was a neat little pink flower.  Thus, almost 60 years ago, that little plant began its journey from the coworker's house to Granny's house, to Mom's house, to my house.  For all its travel and history, it sure looks mighty fresh!
If someone does a good deed, pay it forward.  If someone gives you a good plant, pass it along.

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  1. I like the amazing stories you have for the flora of the area. It makes it more real.

    Love from the 'tard guy'.