Thursday, June 26, 2014

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

I can count on my purple coneflower to be blooming by Father's Day.  I have learned to love this wonderfully reliable and sturdy flower.  Many years ago I took a shovel and laborious broke up a rectangular section on the edge of the lawn.  I spread the seeds of a wildflower packet.  There were all sorts of flowers in the mix, and quite a few came up.  Some self-seeded and came back in other areas, some did not come back at all.  Now the only two things left from the original mix are the horsemint (which galloped to another area) and the coneflower which has established itself in the original bed.  Year after year it brings me pleasure.  Some day I may try making a tea out of the roots.  It is supposed to boost one's immune system.
I was afraid they were getting shaded out, and so I moved some to a sunny area beside a yellow daylily.  However, since we had the 3 pine trees removed, the original bed is getting plenty of sun now.
Here are some pictures Caleb took today.  Then there are a couple of a bumblebee on the flower which he took a few years ago.  Enjoy. (Click on images to enlarge.)



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