Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hope for a ginger lily

The late Millie Clark was a very special lady who attended our church.  I have a couple of plants that she gave me that I treasure because of who gave them to me.
One of the plants is a ginger lily.  It has not really thrived because I don't really have a moist place for it.  I've spent lots of time watering it in summer, but it seems to have had a rough go.  Finally, I thought it was done in completely.  Some guys with a skid loader rode over it.  Then when I suggested to my husband that he check his drain pipe to make sure the skid loader hadn't crushed it, he did some vigorous digging in the area.  Later I was dismayed to find a couple of ginger lily rhizomes lying, dried out, on the ground.  Oh, well, maybe it was meant to be since the lily struggled so anyway.  (And I struggled to keep it watered.  Maybe we would both be out of our misery.)  Quite a bit of poison ivy, stilt grass, and cow itch were in the area, and I sprayed weed killer there a few weeks ago.  I did not see any sign of the ginger lily.  Later, however, I saw the lily.  But the hope I might have had that it survived was immediately shaken because it looked like some of the weed killer had hit the lily. 
After a discussion with my older brother, the horticulturist, I decided to put a little compost water over it and hope for the best.  In my imagination the lily was thanking me for the water because it had been getting rather dry.
Later that day I passed by the area and stopped to weed a little around the lily.  I saw another lily sprout as well that looked healthier.  It appeared to arise from underneath a dead-looking, dried out rhizome that was on top of the ground.  I put a little soil over the rhizome.  Hope has been on a roller coaster, but I'm hopeful once again that I have a ginger lily.  I'll update with another picture in a few weeks.
(Near the lily are some wild irises.  I had tried to avoid some of them with the weed killer.  I removed a few that were very close to the ginger lily.  In the picture above there is also a bit of Virginia creeper, which I pulled out.)
As the saying goes, hope springs eternal. 

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