Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When powdered fertilizer goes soupy

Although I use some organic practices in my gardening, I also, on occasion, use non-organic practices.  One such non-organic practice is the use of a water soluble chemical fertilizer.  I have a container of blue powdered fertilizer that had become soupy even though I had been careful to keep it dry.  For example, I made sure not to wet the measuring scoop when I mixed fertilizer.  I emailed the JR Peters company, and a representative responded (very promptly) and assured me that the fertilizer was still effective, that it had probably absorbed moisture from the air.  That was good to know.  Don't throw away something that is still effective! 
One thing I use the water soluble fertilizer on is the container plantings at my church.  I mixed in a little slow release fertilizer at planting, and I fertilize with a half-strength solution about every week.
I had fun trying to choose color combos for the planters. 
For the black planters I used coleus (a variety that is a little more sun tolerant), begonia, and licorice plant.
For the stone colored planters (which are in full sun), I used purple fountain grass, zinnia, and sweet potato vine.
I love to look at different combinations that people choose for container gardening.  Keep them fed and watered, and don't throw away the soupy fertilizer.



  1. It seems you do wonders with the color combo's they look great.

    I had some fertilizer that did get wet and I was wondering. So I immediately tried to spread it, and left several 'burned' spots in the lawn, which is mostly volunteer green stuff. Fortunately more of the wild stuff filled in the spots.

    I know nothing about growing. One day when we settle down I am growing my own tomatoes year round if I can, I haven't had a great tomato in a long time.

    Good entry.

    1. I don't know how the granular stuff will work after it gets wet. I think some of it might leach out. (But I'm guessing from the burned spots that it must have still had some oomph.)
      I have 6 tomato plants that my brother gave me. They usually look pretty good till the stink bugs and disease get to them.