Friday, May 23, 2014

A different perspective

When you have a problem, do you ever turn it over and look at from the other side?
This is the "other side" of the tree frog.  Sometimes at night, I hear a little "thwack" as the suction cup feet of the tree frog hit my window.  It's good sometimes to get a different perspective.
I got a chuckle the other night when I snapped this shot.  Two frogs were on the window.  As soon as I pointed the camera, one frog crawled behind the muntin as if hiding from the camera.  I don't know if he was hiding from the light or after a bug, but it almost looked as if he were camera shy.
The bright yellow on the legs is only visible when the frog leaps (or when you look at it through a window) and supposedly provides a flash of color that will startle a predator.
Are you good at seeing things from a different perspective?


  1. Unique thought, the comparison you draw. I like the unique shot from the underside. I think they suction cups are neat. I do like the tree frog. Are they the ones that are loud for their size? When I could hear, and at night I was told, "That one is a tree frog!"

    1. Yes, they are very loud for their size. If that wasn't enough, they combine forces to make a chorus. I counted five or six on the siding last night.