Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday smiles

Here are some things that made me smile this week.

I won a Mother's Day door prize at church.  First time I had ever won, first time Adam had ever drawn the names.  Way to go Adam!  (He makes me smile, too.)
Pretty bag; the color makes me smile.


I put the fancy schmancy luggage tag that my sister made for me on my fiddle case. (Even if my son can play it, and I can't, at least everyone will know it's mine.) Is this a Vera Bradley fabric? It makes me smile.

Tuesday evening, as I sat on the porch swing in the twilight enjoying the luminous white peonies in the fading light, I saw my first lightning bugs of the season.  That made me smile.

Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet a young friend for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Tia is a delightful young lady I've known since she was a little girl.  That made me smile.

I finally got the 3 Wave petunias that my son gave me for Mother's Day planted.  (Lots of bed prep--digging out bermuda grass, pulling out honeysuckle and poison ivy.)  Finally planted.  That made me smile.

The front that pushed through yesterday left us with delightful weather today, and that makes me smile.

Hope you've had some smiles this week.


  1. I see that your Mother's Day bag is also smiling. How appropriate! Made me smile, anyway. :)

    1. I didn't even notice. (But now that I have, I'm smiling again.)