Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The wrens have been attempting to nest in the grill on the deck.  One year, we didn't use the grill at all because they had already built a nest and had eggs in it.  I am trying to preempt that this year, and I removed an incomplete nest from the grill a few days ago.  When I looked into the grill yesterday, I saw a gray tree frog, which rather startled me.  There was also an active wasp nest and a mud dauber's nest.
Today a little five-lined skink managed to find its way into the living room.
The cold winter which killed my rosemary and set back my fig didn't seem to make a dent in the tick population, and I've picked up quite a few doing yard work.
I've seen a couple of little brown snakes in the yard, and my son recently saw a copperhead at a friend's pond.
Here's a pic I took once of a brown snake.

Here's the copperhead my son saw.

How's the critter population where you are this spring?

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  1. We have mostly Squirrels, Shirl just e-mailed me about a Coon that comes to here bird feeder at about 3PM and empties it. I see coons in the day but most of them we see in Florida are nocturnal.

    We do have a lot of activity in the wasp and mud dauber area. At least this year so far no yellow jackets.