Saturday, May 17, 2014

Something new: gardenia hips

Last year, for the first time ever, I noticed red hips on my gardenia.  After one of the hips remained through the winter, I picked it.

I opened up the capsule and separated the ball of greasy seeds. 
I may plant them for sport to see what happens. 

The gardenia is fairly easy to propagate by cuttings, and I've given successfully rooted cuttings to some of my neighbors.

Have you encountered anything "new to you" lately?


  1. All I know about Gardenias is they smell good. (smile) I just found a few hundred packs of seeds Son Mark has had for 30 years. Most were wet and molded. I did dig our some Nasturtiams and Big boys and have put them in a pot, nothing shotinw in 5days. LOL

    1. I think I'd probably discard the lot of them.